Organized in 1950 , the Central Colorado Cattlemen’s Association (CCCA) is an affiliate of the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association (CCA), R-CALF, and the Independent Cattle Growers Association. CCCA promotes animal health, education, agricultural business, land and water resource stewardship, family and community in Park and Teller counties.

CCCA takes an active role in the issues that affect livestock owners and producers. Major issues include such topics as the future of agriculture, brand laws, grazing, water use, noxious weeds and predators.

CCCA takes pride in our youth. Annually we provides college scholarships to Park and Teller county students that are attending higher education in a field that will promote and protect the business of ranching, raising or feeding of cattle. CCCA promotes agricultural education and hands on learning through 4-H by supporting the “Catch-a-Calf” program. CCCA also supports many activities at the Park County Fair.

Membership is not dependent upon owning cattle or working in the beef industry.  Rather, it is dependent upon your interest in the agriculture industry and your desire to promote beef and help educate the consumer, children and the general public. We are always in need of more members. The larger and more active our membership is, the greater impact we have on the issues affecting agriculture today.

Thank you for your interest!



President – Elizabeth Woodward
(303) 241-9637
 Vice President – Dave Gottenburg Treasurer – Deb Reuter
(408) 515-4713


PO Box 324
Lake George, CO 80827