April 7, 2018 CCCA Meeting Agenda

Call meeting to order: 9:08am


Introductions: Amy Mitchell, Alanna Crawford, Webb Smith, Dennis Springer, Dave Gottenborg Ashley Boyington, Kailee Edwards, Deb Reuter, John Woodward, Elizabeth Woodward, Tracy Rautenkranz


Approval of the agenda: Approved by Amy Mitchell, seconded by Dennis Springer



Approval of minutes: Approved by Amy Mitchell, seconded by Dennis Springer





Approval of Treasures Report: Approved by Dennis Springer, seconded by Tracy Rautenkranz


Committee Reports

Scholarship Committee:


Federal Lands

Forest Service: Webb they are to keep in touch with CCA w/ any allotments


BLM: Wild horse issues on western slope they are struggling with numbers


State Lands: not much


Legislative: CCA supporting Parks and wildlife, trying to stop the bag tag


HPP:  Next meeting has not been scheduled.  Funding has been spent if new project comes in more money will be available. Meeting in May (John will let me know so I can get it out)


CLA (Colorado Livestock Association):


R-Calf: Darrel Schriber couldn’t make it.  They would like to come to our annual meeting.

Mid Winter Conference: Membership engagement workshop (Alanna and Brian) day workshops. Trying to get more with social media.  Met w/ Jay Stapelton for Gov.  Very informative at all meetings same issues.


Catch-a-calf: John the calf that they donated got pneumonia/brisket complex had to Livestock committee got about $1000 for it. No calf this year for catch a calf at fair next year we will have another.


Old Business

Dinner & Dance: Dance was good lots of snow.  Not a huge turn out but still a good time.



Scholarships: No new applicants yet.  Hold out till next year?!


New Business:

Park County Fair: Alanna suggests have a booth this year at cattle auction.  Show support.


Annual Meeting: Will be at the Bull Moose in Guffey at 5pm Saturday June 9th.  Food will be roughly $30 per person please. After our meeting there will be a band so stay a while and have some fun.


CCA: May 15th ranch tour in Sadaila Alanna will get a flyer out must RSVP.  Tuesday 1-7 steak dinner included must pre-purchase tickets.  Get with Alanna for any more information.


Discussion Items:


Next Meeting –

June 9th  Bull Moose, Guffey, CO 5pm

Oct. 6th

Dec. 1st


Park County Sherriff speakers:

Monte Gore, Steve Spodyak, John Tighe, Tom McGraw, Gary Rhodes


Meeting adjourned

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