October 5, 2019 CCCA Meeting Agenda

October 5, 2019

Hartsel, Colorado

Call meeting to order: 9:14 am

Pledge of allegiance: skipped

Approval of the agenda: Webb Smith scratched out scholarship idea from new business; Tracy Rautenkranz motions, Catherine Rautenkrqnz 2nd motion


Approval of minutes: no changes; motion Tracy Rautenkranz; 2nd Catherine Rautenkranz


Approval of Treasures Report: no discussion; motion Tracy Rautenkranz; 2nd Webb Smith


Correspondences: catch a calf letters passed around


Guest Speaker: Dr. Cadra Krueger beef nutritionist with Hubbard/Ranch-Way Feeds

Summary materials on weaning feeds, forage supplements, local distributors


Committee Reports

Scholarship Committee: no discussion – tabled until more attendance to discuss essay topics and requirements


Federal Lands

Forest Service: no news


BLM: no news


State Lands: pressure on state land board to get more money; public access to the land is a big push; need to get more people on the board;


Legislative: measure DD – casino ballet measure for allowing sports betting and taxing casino profits to support state water projects (CCA and farm bureau support); better with beef initiative for Polis and fake meet vs CCA


HPP: Rautenkranz’s will go to Grand Junct. In Dec to present their fence project; HPP is out of money- last spend on Weston fire damage- but more projects can be on a case by case basis


CLA (Colorado Livestock Association): symposium 9/28 in Kiowa, Webb Smith attended, good speakers, vet and equine health, certified angus is really just color based; another symposium in La Junta 10/17


R-Calf summer annual meeting; we should try to go to their meetings more to get more for our money and know whats coming at us; NCBA has a new CEO


Old Business

Beef Drawing: up some money- okay but losing love for doing this, vote at a later meeting to adjust or stop; too long between buying tickets and drawing and getting beef; getting difficult to get a donated steer; not enough bang for our selling efforts

Catch-A-Calf: Dave and Suzie Carpenter have said they will provide the current (2019) calf, we pay half MV, John Woodward will keep us informed; Rautenkranz may be able to cover fall 2020 calf if needed.

Dinner/Dance – Lake George was a good idea for pairing with the gymkhana; beef themed food truck next time, all day, CCCA advertising, so we don’t miss out on the people who left the event and didn’t return for the dance; still do dance and auction people like that

With a food truck we don’t have money out of our pocket or have to clean up.


New Business:

New “humanitarian” scholarship idea / CCCA ownership of cattle discussion – scratched by Webb Smith

Membership drive / letter to send out- membership and participation is down; focus on local area not just cattle people?; farm service agency may be able to provide a mailing list; draft letter by Dec to thank paid members for the contributions in 2019 and express desire for participation in 2020- maybe like CCCA Christmas card


Discussion Items: Webb Smith resigns as President effective immediately.  Catherine Rautenkranz is now our current President.


Next Meeting –

Dec 7th Fairplay- AB can pick a place and set up reservation

Feb 1st Shaggy Sheep in Shawnee – will need to motion dates for CR

April 4th TBD


Meeting Adjourned  10:35am

June 1, 2019 CCCA Meeting Agenda

Call meeting to order: 3:11 pm by President Alanna Crawford.  9 members in attendance.

Approval of the agenda:

  • Tracy Rautenkranz motioned to approved agenda with updates seconded by Catherine Rautenkranz. Update agenda to correct location Lake George, add Erin Kerney as guest speaker, Election and Catch-a-calf


  • Approval of minutes:

Tracy Rautenkranz motioned to approve meeting minutes from March 2, 2019 as presented, John Woodward seconded, No Discussion, all in favor of approval, Motion passed.


  • Ivan Ward sent in 3 letters of an update on his Cath-a-Calf. Sent around, No other correspondences.


Approval of Treasures Report:

  • General Fund Checking Account                                     $   00
  • Scholarship Fund Checking Account                               $ 18,600.00
  • Total Funds                                                  $ 19,400.00


John Woodward motioned to approve the Treasurer’s Report dated June 2, 2019 as presented, Catherine Rautenkranz seconded, no discussion. All in favor of approval. Motion passed.

Committee Reports

Scholarship Committee:

Federal Lands

Forest Service: Timber clean up is happening now around badger flats

BLM: No Update

State Lands: No Update


  • Erin Kerney from CCA came and gave an update. There now is a “People for animal welfare commission” they are keep eyes open on animal abusers but have not come after livestock yet.  #1 thing to keep an eye on is the boards and commissions,  with the election coming up in 2020 they are doing clean sweeps and could effect everyone.  Talk about wolf relocation commissions will have a say on this but will be voted on in 2020.  Kate Greenburg is the Colorado Commissioner of Ag.  She is new, was with the Young Farmer Colliation.  She does work for Gov. Polis but willing to learn and help.  Also if you ever have any questions Erin says reach out there is a lot of things going on behind the scenes they just can’t get it all out.


  • John Woodward says fiscal year is coming to an end at the end of June. So if you have any projects get them in and done now.  As of now looks like they will have to give 10K back due to not enough projects.  HPP helps out with water and fencing projects.  Stipulations you must own at least 160 acres and must meets the goals of CPW.  If you qualify you can get $350 once per year for ranchers and farmers.

CLA (Colorado Livestock Association)


Old Business

  • Dinner and Dance after meeting on June 2, 2019. DJ will be there just before 5pm


  • Read by President Alanna Crawford. Daigen Springer would like to apply for the scholarship.  Daigen is going to attend Garden City Community College where he will study criminal justice and play football.  He then wants to become part of the Colorado State Patrol.
  • Tracy Rautenkranz motioned to approve Daigen for a $500 scholarship eventho it’s not Ag related his family is ranchers and his goals are tremendous, we would just want him to be able to apply again CCCA would like to hear from him Mid-Year Amy Mitchell seconded, No Discussion, All in favor of approval. Motion passed.

New Business:

Park County Fair

  • Fair is July 17th-21st this year. John Woodward is going to see if he can help find someone to donate a Catch-A-Calf.  Also at fair do we want a banner to be hung up cost $250 – Tabled
  • Election for new officers:

Officer Nominations: Webb Smith nominated himself for President, Catherine Rautenkranz nominated herself for Vice President, Ashley Boyington nominated herself to continue as Secretary, Ashley Boyington nominated Deb Reuter to continue as Treasure.  Motion to approve nominations by Amy Mitchell, Tracy Rautenkranz seconded, No Discussion, All in favor of approval, Motion passed.

Officer Elections

President –Webb Smith

Vice President – Catherine Rautenkranz

Secretary – Ashley Boyington

Treasure – Deb Reuter

Discussion Items: N/A

Next Meeting –

  • October 5th High Line Café Hartsel, CO 9am
  • December 7th Fairplay TBD 9am
  • February 15th Shaggy Sheep Shawnee, CO 9am

Meeting adjourned 4:46pm by New President Webb Smith