December 12, 2020 CCCA Meeting Agenda

Call meeting to order: 9:10 am  Catherine, Tracy, Theresa, Amy, Jill, Kayla, Terry F,

Approval of the agenda:   Addition of speaker Terry Fankhauser . M: Amy: S; Tracy

Guest Speaker: Terry Fankhauser, CCA (see discussion summary below)


Approval of minutes: M: Theresa, S: Amy


Correspondences:  Letter from Catch Calf – Leah Shirley 24 Nov 2020 (will attach with minutes)



Approval of Treasures Report: M: Amy, S: Tracy

++ need to show the deposit of Leon Krane membership

Paid the USPO box for the next year

Paid Tom Rautenkranz for the Catch Calf

Membership dues are due by the end of February 2021


Committee Reports:

Scholarship Committee: No new news to report. Reviewing essay question and discuss how to retain family and kids to work in the ranch/farm industry. Discussion to be had on online classes as well as trade school classes.

Federal Lands:

Forest Service: No new news to report

BLM: No new news to report

State Lands: CCA has asked for lease relief for COVID and drought but no news yet on what we might be able to get

Legislative: Discussed by speaker

HPP :  No new news to report

Old Business:

Transfer of website administration to Amy M. & Tracy R., f/u with Deb R.

Goal to have complete before June meeting. More to Tracy than Amy due to commissionership.

New Business:

Membership drive, reaching out to local ranches, businesses and legislative partners for memberships, Fundraising, ideas for Covid friendly fundraising welcome, more Facebook usage for social and educational events, consider adding a donation button, more communication friendly access.


Discussion Items:

Prop 114 (wolves) results with Terry Fankhauser from CCA

2021 Catch Calf Sponsor Needed: Ask Walt at Lazy Bull Ranch.


Next Meeting: February 20, 2021

Meeting adjourned: 10:32


CCA Fall Updates and Discussion with Terry

Prop 114- Grey Wolf Reintroduction

-the bill passed by an incredibly thin margin driven by voters in Denver, Boulder and Larimer counties

-President Trump is expected to federally delist the Grey Wolf as an endangered species sometime in the first quarter of 2021. This delisting sends the authority to individual states to determine the protected status of the species and any reintroduction activity however if grey wolves remain or return to Federally Listed then the federal government gets the final say in any species reintroduction. This possible delisting could be reversed by the incoming administration. At this point the Federal government still has the authority to block Colorado from reintroducing Grey Wolves despite the reintroduction now being state law.

-There will be legislation efforts to try to block and slow down the reintroduction efforts however supporters of reintroduction and other academic groups are now trying to rush reintroduction efforts. Rushing reintroduction would be bad for Colorado and cattlemen. The new state administration is not yet responsive to CCA’s efforts and Governor Polis has asked DOW for a 180 reintroduction plan meaning that as of right now wolves could be in Colorado any time between 180 days and Dec 31, 2023.

-CCA is actively trying to block the rushed legislation and will take legal action against the state if necessary in order to help slow reintroduction for a more thoughtful, prepared and researched plan. Any additional support that members could provide in convincing the administration not to allow this process to be expedited is appreciated.

-Please report any and all wolf sightings to DOW with photos (we can help with information how to report)- any species. Theresa and Amy have both recently seen what might be a Mexican Red Wolf.

Beef and Cattle Market Conditions

-We still need to complete the justice department’s anti-trust investigation and keep pushing them to look into price fixing

-An extension of the Packers Act with some more regulation may be the outcome although pros and cons to additional regulation are being weighed.

-Cash Trade aka Price Discovery

This would add transparency to how bids and prices are determined

This process currently exists only for low quality cattle so it would need work to be more widely applicable for producers in various places and with different product

Price Discovery triggers mandatory price reporting and it exists outside of Colorado but since we only have 2 major packers it has not yet been adapted by out packers. Adoption of this would offer only a few months for packers to comply with the triggered price reporting and if they do not comply, legislatively we could follow a utilities commission style processes to correct price fixing

-Colorado needs: better oversights for packers and stock yards, LMR and Price Reporting needs to be expanded (policy is currently on its way to congress, packers need to comply with Price Discovery and triggering, last resort will be more legislation in order to achieve these things

-There are 4 major packers in the US but a 5th is expected to open soon

-As an industry we cannot continue to tolerate price declines or let this issue go – when demand skyrockets prices should adjust also and not continue to be suppressed

-Growth of smaller regional plants/packers may help (~100-1000 head per day capacity)

October 10, 2020 CCCA Meeting Agenda

Call meeting to order: 9:10 am.  Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of the agenda: added Special Guest: Linda Stanley candidate for District Attorney 11th Judicial District

 added Special Speaker via internet: Megan for the Livestock Forage Program. (9:30 am)

SPECIAL SPEAKER: Megan Colletti via Zoom speaking about the LFP Program for aide to ranchers for feed and support in areas of draught.

SPECIAL GUEST: Linda Stanley, spoke about what she can do for Park County as the District Attorney.

M: Tom R. S: Dennis S.


Approval of minutes: M: Amy M,  S: Theresa S

Correspondences: Read and shared the letter from Chloe Hock re: Catch Calf 2020, Thank you notes from JJ Woodward & Ellie Woodward for the Fair Breeding Heifer Belt Buckles we sponsored                                  and a Thank you note from Beth Woodward for supporting the 4-H program.


Approval of Treasures Report: M: Dennis S.   S: Theresa S.

Committee Reports

Scholarship Committee: Both (Robert Woodward & Mikala Balthazar) payments have been paid.

Discussion of Scholarship funds being used for educational classes, such as             butchering, record keeping, etc. notes made to continue discussion as opportunity comes up.

Federal Lands:

Forest Service: Webb: Campgrounds are under construction. Causing issues for grazing over by the Wilkerson Pass/Lake George/Badger Flats area.  Traffic, Disrespect for Rules, Trash, Campfires, Private properties, Wildlife and Livestock harassment.

BLM: no new news

State Lands: no new news

Legislative: There is a lot of important issues on the ballot this year and PLEASE make your choices                     with as much information as you can learn about the issue.

HPP: no new news

Old Business: The revised Constitution and Bylaws that were emailed out from the annual meeting had no comments or issues brought to our attention from the attending members.

New Business: no new business today

Discussion Items: Guest speaker, Campground Issues, if time allowed the ballot issues are up for discussion.

Next Meeting – December 12, 2020 Lake George

Meeting adjourned: 10:45 am

Attendees: Catherine Rautenkranz. Theresa Springer. Tracy Rautenkranz, Deborah Reuter, Webb Smith, Dennis Springer, Amy Mitchell, Tom Rautenkranz

Reminder:  We will need new officers for next term as well as covid safe/post-election fund raising ideas


June 27th, 2020 CCCA Meeting Agenda

CCCA Meeting Agenda
27 June 2020 Annual meeting
Hartsel, Colorado
Springer Ranch
278 Cherokee Trail

Call meeting to order: Called to order 11:57am


Approval of the agenda: Added Catch Calf, Added Fair Belt Buckles

                                    M: John W, S: Tracy R


Approval of minutes: M: Theresa S, S: Deborah R

Correspondences: Passed around Catch Calf letters from Chloe Hock


Approval of Treasures Report: M: Dennis S, S: Deborah R

Committee Reports:

Scholarship Committee: There are two applicants. Robert Woodward attending Colorado School of Mines to study computer sciences with development into using programs and technology to improve ranching. Awarded $750.00 with the ability to reapply annually.

            Mikala Balthazor is attending Colorado State University’s Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program. She will be contributing her education to the cattle industry. Awarded $1000.00 with the ability to reapply annually.

Theresa Springer is still looking for committee members to assist with getting scholarship information out to the students and working to give this money away.

There was also discussion on updating our scholarship availability to include college classes, trade school classes, and other industry related classes.

Federal Lands

Forest Service: Per Webb S. by phone, there is some campsite development going on that the local folks are fighting against due to concerns of vandalism, trash, trespassing, cutting of fences, opening of cattle gates, traffic from motorized vehicles, disrespect of the land itself. The Water and Land Trust Board along with Amy Mitchell and others are fighting to find a resolution between the ranchers and the recreation groups.

BLM: no news

State Lands: Grazing rates have increased as well as NEW REQUIREMENTS for accessing state wildlife areas and state trust lands. AS of July 7, 2020, a valid hunting or fishing license will be required for everyone 18 or older attempting to access any state wildlife area or state trust land leased by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. (per Flume article 5/29/2020 attached)


HPP: New fiscal year has begun JULY 1, 2020. They have been awarded an increased amount of funds to spend on projects. Next meeting is July 28, 2020.

Old Business:   N/A


New Business:             Bylaws & ConstitutionThe Bylaws were reviewed to correct a few spelling errors, but no other changes were made. NEW copy attached. The Constitution was reviewed, and the scholarship section has some updates. Section 5. Scholarship Committee is where the changes have been made. Please get familiar with the changes. NEW copy attached.

Website Continue or dissolve: After many meetings and lots of discussion the current website will remain until MARCH 2022. New changes to the site will included maintain the page by secretary and post minutes as pdf files, as well as notifications to members when something has changed. M; John W, S: Theresa S.


Discussion Items:        ScholarshipReview and Award: See Scholarship Committee above

DuesDues are due at the first meeting in the new calendar year.

FundraisersCovid friendly/internal order of shirts, hats, vest with CCCA logo: discussed but not really supported. Joining a local event that has not yet been cancelled: discussed but not many events we can get involved with due to most everything has been cancelled.

The BEEF RAFFLE: discussion was had to continue or discontinue, length of time for ticket sales, ½ vs ¼ vs private cut order vs package box. Decided to postpone raffle this year until we get more people to attend a meeting and discuss further.

FairCCCA was asked by Ellie Woodward to sponsor two belt buckles for the Breeding Heifers at this years county fair. They are $90.00 each. M; Theresa S., S; Tracy R. A check was written and given to John Woodward from the scholarship account for $180.00 on 6/27/2020 for these buckles.

Membership – Discussion was to invite the county commissioners, state representatives, business owners, and anyone else who would like to participate in or support CCCA to join with variable membership dues.

Officers Catherine Rautenkranz reelected as President, Theresa Springer reelected as Vice-President (NOT Ascending to President), Tracy Rautenkranz will remain Secretary and Deborah Reuter will remain Treasurer.



Next Meeting – OCTOBER 3, 2020 place is still TBD

Meeting adjourned: 3:00 pm

This meeting was attended by Catherine Rautenkranz, Theresa Springer, Tracy Rautenkranz, Deborah Reuter, Dennis Springer, John and Beth Woodward, Amy Mitchell.

Thank you to the Springers for hosting this meeting at their ranch.



April 18th, 2020 CCCA Meeting Agenda

CCCA Meeting Agenda

(March 28, 2020), moved to April 18, 2020

Virtual meeting (Hartsel) Colorado

Call meeting to order: 09:00 Recorded by Kayla @ CCA, Thank you Kayla for helping set the virtual meeting today.


Approval of the agenda: No edits. M: Theresa, 2nd Dennis: Aye



Approval of minutes: M: Dennis, 2nd Theresa: Aye


Correspondences: Catch-a Calf Letter post marked 3/28/2020 to be e-mailed with today’s minutes; newsletter from Independent Cattlegrowers – no news to share



Approval of Treasures Report: not sent to Catherine or Theresa for this meeting, Will get and send out with the minutes of today. Attached is Treasurer Report as of May 10, 2020


Committee Reports                             

Scholarship Committee: Theresa, has feelers out for people to be committee members, applications due May. Aiming to have new committee determine scholarship awards by graduations in mid-May

NEED more committee members to hold for discussions of awards

FORM a new committee

Would like to consider the “Online” classes taken due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Federal Lands

Forest Service: No news


BLM:  No news


State Lands: No news


Legislative: CARES Act – Some fellow AG folks are seeing some relief payments already but we are not currently sure of the details for those.

CCA is currently investigating the packers for profit/price manipulation and corruption. We hope to have more details to share on this for the annual meeting about the impacts on producers.

Some talk of FEMA having funds to assist in ranching help.



HPP: Fiscal year starts again July 1, 2020


Old Business: under discussion items


New Business: under discussion items


Discussion Items:

  • Springer Scholarship:

Daigen Springer: wasn’t paid for fall 2019 semester, has now been sent to the school,

  • 2020 Scholarships: meeting in May for awarding discussion,
  • M-Theresa, 2nd-Tracy, AYE, for formation for new committee on scholarships for 2020. Review/discuss in May for $750.00 annually. Theresa to find members.
  • Bills: as of Jan. meeting we had approx. $150.00 in general acct. Not enough to cover current bills.
    • Post Office Box: $56.00 year, no 501C discount: Must keep bill
    • Scholarship funds were used to pay CCA dues of $250.00 “refundable” if in good standing at end of year. CCA intends to not return the funds but rather keep the “refund” towards the next years due rather than pass checks back and forth. Must keep bill.
    • R-Calf is not as friendly or pro-CCCA right now enough to warrant paying for membership, voted in February not to pay.
    • Independent Cattle Growers: postpone membership until we can afford it again or decide to end our affiliation; voted not to pay. M-Theresa, 2nd Dennis; Passed Not to pay.
  • Website: Website $250.00 bill was paid by Hitchin Post for annual domain registration, discussion of not having the funds in our general account to pay for a professionally managed website. Discussion included the sustainability of a member covering the bills, and the possibility of having a student/job corp./or volunteer to maintain or teach a member to maintain a website.

We can use the CCA website free of charge and have our own attached page from their site, and they also have other discounted platform ideas we can use. Decision to cancel/close the current website to happen at annual meeting.  M-Dennis , 2nd Tracy: Aye

  • Annual Meeting: due to COVID-19, we will have a more casual meeting without a dance, auction, or formal dinner. Agenda will be kept to a few short critical 2020 decision items up for vote followed by a member social for some fun and togetherness.

Current Proposed Plan:

When: JUNE 27, 2020 Saturday

Where: Fairplay Park, Hartsel Park – TBD, private ranch (somewhere outside, with bathrooms, easy prep of hot meal/grill items

Food: potluck, grill

Agenda topics: bylaws and constitution: review for clarification and updates, officers, scholarships, website

  • Fair: CCCA not participating this year,

Catch Calf:  ?? happening, checking with John Woodward

Bucket Calf: COVID19 dependent; possible for future years as well

  • Wolf Information Event: on hold off until COVID-19 allows a gathering to happen; CCA will be partnering; hoping to spread community awareness
  • Fundraising: Dance/Dinner and Silent Auction were not as profitable as expected and more effort than members seem up for this year, want to try more simple approach such ideas as: Pie Auctions, 50/50 raffle, Chili Challenges, at local events such as Burrow Days, Florissant Days, Hartsel Days, Bailey Days, etc. Other ideas are always welcome.

General account: will be focus of this years fundraising

Scholarships: Maybe write letters to a business/organization for donations to scholarships/account

  • Membership: pursue/introduce at a social/community event then get to join as formally/paid members as to not bog down new interest with our general business meetings

Dues due: first meeting of year, (Jan or Feb), paid members please join our Facebook Group as a member, if you have not yet paid for 2020 please send your dues to Deb/PO Box ASAP

Facebook/ Newsletter: work on generating interest and communications by sharing some crazy story, favorite picture, Commissioner questions

Encourage the COMMERCIAL memberships- determine a due structure for them as we do have some non-cattle interest for membership/participation. We could also use this to become more established in our community. One proposal is: 25.00 first year, 50 second+ year: Or: try for 50 every year, amount can be varied: Catherine and Theresa to compose a letter to send out and a membership certificate.

Sub committee to determine $ for tiered membership




Congratulations Amy!


Next Meeting – Annual Meeting JUNE 27, 2020


Meeting adjourned: 10:50 am.


Virtual Meeting attended by: Catherine R., Kayla (CCA), Jill S., Dennis S., Theresa S., Tracy R.


January 25, 2020 CCCA Meeting Agenda

Call meeting to order: 9:05

Introduction:  Guest Speakers

  • Steve Vincze Running for County Commissioner District 1. Anti-Wolf, pro 2nd Amendment and wants all road to be addressed including snow removal, to better all roads.  Please call with comments, advise etc.. (flyer and business card attached)


  • Amy Mitchell running for County Commissioner District 1. Listen to all areas and concerns throughout District 1.   Support veterans, ranchers.  On many committees to help better Park County.  Anti-Wolf, stop raising taxes use what we have. (flyer and business card attached)


Approval of the agenda:

  • Printed out wrong one added Amy Mitchell motion to approve updated agenda by Amy Mitchell seconded by Tracy Rautenkranz.



Approval of minutes:

  • Motion to approve Minutes by Tracey Rautenkranz seconded by Amy Mitchell



  • Chloe Hock sent out 2 letters with updates and a picture of her catch-a-calf (see attachments)



Approval of Treasures Report:

  • Motion to approve treasurer report by Tracy Rautenkranz seconded by Amy Mitchell
  • Check for wolf contribution goes to CCA this will help keep CCCA and our members hidden from those that are pro-wolf. R-Calf working against CCA John Woodward wants to talk about possibly not renewing membership with R-Calf. Assess benefits of R-Calf


Committee Reports

Scholarship Committee: N/A


Federal Lands

Forest Service: N/A




State Lands:



  • John suggests go to CCA website org then go to tracking list and see the bill that are trying to be passed and kills. Interesting to see what we are up against and CCA helping us out, fighting it.



  • Put plan in place of goals, numbers of Elk, Deer and Moose of certain amounts in 5 areas, HPP out of money but State is will to help. Next fiscal year starts July 1, 2020.  Next meeting March 31st at Fairplay Community Center at 10am


Old Business

  • Executive Committee updates: Theresa Springer has volunteered to be Vice President, Secretary Vacancy immediately (Tracy volunteered to take over secretary role)
  • Committee sign ups. Sub committees communications (i.e. Newsletter, events, fundraising –set up and break down), scholarship committee, “steering” committee CCA, HPP, wildlife resources etc…
  • Sign-up sheet attached. Please help!


New Business:

  • CCA Mid-Winter conference recap – Catherine went to mid winter in Denver tons of wolf discussion, legislative, participation down for CCA and many affiliates as well. Get dues paid, encourage current membership to engage and help more.  Don’t do a membership drive try to have current members help out more.   Highway safety in rural areas, trade agreements, animal welfare, Cow farts aren’t that bad!

Next CCA meeting to be held in Colorado Springs in June.  Stay tuned.

  • Newsletters we haven’t had anything started yet, want to send one out on a monthly basis. Highlight our members including when we get new members. Updates from CCA links will be in there.  Money insights, local happenings, ballots etc..   If you would like anything added to newsletter please contact Catherine.
  • Wolf ballet measure


Discussion Items:

  • Wolf Campaign contributions with CCA. Thank you for all your efforts in supporting us in the effort to help get the information out to STOP the wolf reintroduction. We tried to send $1,000 from CCCA however we did not have the funds in the general account, so CCCA sent out $500 plus member donations.  If you have any ideas on how to raise extra $500 or we can just leave it at that and have members pledge the money. Please contact Catherine for further insight, questions and ideas.
  • 2020 fundraising goals silent auction and/or any fundraising goes to general account to help get funds up.
  • 2020 Speaker topics/guests of interest


Next Meeting –

March 28th

Mid may,



Meeting adjourned 11:02am

October 5, 2019 CCCA Meeting Agenda

October 5, 2019

Hartsel, Colorado

Call meeting to order: 9:14 am

Pledge of allegiance: skipped

Approval of the agenda: Webb Smith scratched out scholarship idea from new business; Tracy Rautenkranz motions, Catherine Rautenkrqnz 2nd motion


Approval of minutes: no changes; motion Tracy Rautenkranz; 2nd Catherine Rautenkranz


Approval of Treasures Report: no discussion; motion Tracy Rautenkranz; 2nd Webb Smith


Correspondences: catch a calf letters passed around


Guest Speaker: Dr. Cadra Krueger beef nutritionist with Hubbard/Ranch-Way Feeds

Summary materials on weaning feeds, forage supplements, local distributors


Committee Reports

Scholarship Committee: no discussion – tabled until more attendance to discuss essay topics and requirements


Federal Lands

Forest Service: no news


BLM: no news


State Lands: pressure on state land board to get more money; public access to the land is a big push; need to get more people on the board;


Legislative: measure DD – casino ballet measure for allowing sports betting and taxing casino profits to support state water projects (CCA and farm bureau support); better with beef initiative for Polis and fake meet vs CCA


HPP: Rautenkranz’s will go to Grand Junct. In Dec to present their fence project; HPP is out of money- last spend on Weston fire damage- but more projects can be on a case by case basis


CLA (Colorado Livestock Association): symposium 9/28 in Kiowa, Webb Smith attended, good speakers, vet and equine health, certified angus is really just color based; another symposium in La Junta 10/17


R-Calf summer annual meeting; we should try to go to their meetings more to get more for our money and know whats coming at us; NCBA has a new CEO


Old Business

Beef Drawing: up some money- okay but losing love for doing this, vote at a later meeting to adjust or stop; too long between buying tickets and drawing and getting beef; getting difficult to get a donated steer; not enough bang for our selling efforts

Catch-A-Calf: Dave and Suzie Carpenter have said they will provide the current (2019) calf, we pay half MV, John Woodward will keep us informed; Rautenkranz may be able to cover fall 2020 calf if needed.

Dinner/Dance – Lake George was a good idea for pairing with the gymkhana; beef themed food truck next time, all day, CCCA advertising, so we don’t miss out on the people who left the event and didn’t return for the dance; still do dance and auction people like that

With a food truck we don’t have money out of our pocket or have to clean up.


New Business:

New “humanitarian” scholarship idea / CCCA ownership of cattle discussion – scratched by Webb Smith

Membership drive / letter to send out- membership and participation is down; focus on local area not just cattle people?; farm service agency may be able to provide a mailing list; draft letter by Dec to thank paid members for the contributions in 2019 and express desire for participation in 2020- maybe like CCCA Christmas card


Discussion Items: Webb Smith resigns as President effective immediately.  Catherine Rautenkranz is now our current President.


Next Meeting –

Dec 7th Fairplay- AB can pick a place and set up reservation

Feb 1st Shaggy Sheep in Shawnee – will need to motion dates for CR

April 4th TBD


Meeting Adjourned  10:35am

June 1, 2019 CCCA Meeting Agenda

Call meeting to order: 3:11 pm by President Alanna Crawford.  9 members in attendance.

Approval of the agenda:

  • Tracy Rautenkranz motioned to approved agenda with updates seconded by Catherine Rautenkranz. Update agenda to correct location Lake George, add Erin Kerney as guest speaker, Election and Catch-a-calf


  • Approval of minutes:

Tracy Rautenkranz motioned to approve meeting minutes from March 2, 2019 as presented, John Woodward seconded, No Discussion, all in favor of approval, Motion passed.


  • Ivan Ward sent in 3 letters of an update on his Cath-a-Calf. Sent around, No other correspondences.


Approval of Treasures Report:

  • General Fund Checking Account                                     $   00
  • Scholarship Fund Checking Account                               $ 18,600.00
  • Total Funds                                                  $ 19,400.00


John Woodward motioned to approve the Treasurer’s Report dated June 2, 2019 as presented, Catherine Rautenkranz seconded, no discussion. All in favor of approval. Motion passed.

Committee Reports

Scholarship Committee:

Federal Lands

Forest Service: Timber clean up is happening now around badger flats

BLM: No Update

State Lands: No Update


  • Erin Kerney from CCA came and gave an update. There now is a “People for animal welfare commission” they are keep eyes open on animal abusers but have not come after livestock yet.  #1 thing to keep an eye on is the boards and commissions,  with the election coming up in 2020 they are doing clean sweeps and could effect everyone.  Talk about wolf relocation commissions will have a say on this but will be voted on in 2020.  Kate Greenburg is the Colorado Commissioner of Ag.  She is new, was with the Young Farmer Colliation.  She does work for Gov. Polis but willing to learn and help.  Also if you ever have any questions Erin says reach out there is a lot of things going on behind the scenes they just can’t get it all out.


  • John Woodward says fiscal year is coming to an end at the end of June. So if you have any projects get them in and done now.  As of now looks like they will have to give 10K back due to not enough projects.  HPP helps out with water and fencing projects.  Stipulations you must own at least 160 acres and must meets the goals of CPW.  If you qualify you can get $350 once per year for ranchers and farmers.

CLA (Colorado Livestock Association)


Old Business

  • Dinner and Dance after meeting on June 2, 2019. DJ will be there just before 5pm


  • Read by President Alanna Crawford. Daigen Springer would like to apply for the scholarship.  Daigen is going to attend Garden City Community College where he will study criminal justice and play football.  He then wants to become part of the Colorado State Patrol.
  • Tracy Rautenkranz motioned to approve Daigen for a $500 scholarship eventho it’s not Ag related his family is ranchers and his goals are tremendous, we would just want him to be able to apply again CCCA would like to hear from him Mid-Year Amy Mitchell seconded, No Discussion, All in favor of approval. Motion passed.

New Business:

Park County Fair

  • Fair is July 17th-21st this year. John Woodward is going to see if he can help find someone to donate a Catch-A-Calf.  Also at fair do we want a banner to be hung up cost $250 – Tabled
  • Election for new officers:

Officer Nominations: Webb Smith nominated himself for President, Catherine Rautenkranz nominated herself for Vice President, Ashley Boyington nominated herself to continue as Secretary, Ashley Boyington nominated Deb Reuter to continue as Treasure.  Motion to approve nominations by Amy Mitchell, Tracy Rautenkranz seconded, No Discussion, All in favor of approval, Motion passed.

Officer Elections

President –Webb Smith

Vice President – Catherine Rautenkranz

Secretary – Ashley Boyington

Treasure – Deb Reuter

Discussion Items: N/A

Next Meeting –

  • October 5th High Line Café Hartsel, CO 9am
  • December 7th Fairplay TBD 9am
  • February 15th Shaggy Sheep Shawnee, CO 9am

Meeting adjourned 4:46pm by New President Webb Smith

May 7, 2016 – CCCA Meeting MINUTES

Meeting called to order at 9:20AM by President Webb Smith. 9 members signed the attendance sheet and 2 guests were present.

Steve Allard motioned to approve the amended agenda with the following additions, Tracy Rautenkranz seconded, No Discussion. All in favor of approval. Motion Passed.

Add under new business-

Voting for SE Quarter Rep

Pay dues to CCA, RCalf, ICG

Steve Allard motioned to approve the meeting minutes from April 2, 2016 as presented, Tracy Rautenkranz seconded, No Discussion. All in favor of approval. Motion passed


  • A letter from our Catch A Calf Recipient, Ellie Woodward was passed around.

Treasurer Report

  • General Fund Checking Account                                     $   2,482.37
  • Scholarship Fund Checking Account                                     $ 20,012.49
  • Total Funds                                                 $ 22,414.86

Tracy Rautenkranz motioned to approve the Treasurer’s Report dated May 7, 2016 as presented, Dave Harvey seconded, no discussion. All in favor of approval. Motion passed.

Committee Reports

  • Scholarship Committee – The committee met on Wednesday April 20th to look at applications. The final applicants will be invited to the June meeting.
  • Federal Lands –
    • Forest Service –  Steve Allard reported that in the Independent Cattle Growers Newsletter had an article regarding a law that is being proposed to help protect private land owners who border federal land .
    • BLM – No Update
  • State Lands – No Update
  • Legislative –  No Update
  • HPP – Conference call meeting May 9, 2016.

Old Business

CCCA Website – Deborah Reuter asked for more pictures. Website address is Minutes from past meetings and scholarship info is on there.

Drawing – Deborah Reuter updated us on the drawing. Need to sell 300 tickets to break even.

New Business

Park County Fair Booth – Elizabeth will get with the Park Cty Fair rep for a booth. We will need to have members commit to help at the booth.

South East Quarter Rep – Steve Jolly from the Fremont Cattleman’s Association was nominated. He is the only nomination at this time.

South West Quarter Rep – There are several nominations including the current person in that position.   Out of our 9 members present 2 voted for Mark Levalley, 6 for Al Heaton and 0 for Roy Oliver  and 1 member abstained.

CCA Dues – We do not have to pay dues this year since our membership with them has increased.

R-Calf – Dave Harvey motioned to pay the annual dues to R-Calf, Steve Allard seconded, no further discussion. Motion passed.

Independent Cattle Growers Association – Steve Allard motioned to pay the annual dues to ICG, Dave Harvey seconded, no further discussion. 1 person was opposed. Motion passed.

Discussion Items

Past CCA President Bill Gray and his wife Debbie’s home was destroyed by a fire. Dave Harvey motioned to donate $250.00 to them, Deborah Reuter seconded, no further discussion. Motion passed.

Guest Speakers

Linda James is running for County Commissioner on the Republican ticket. She gave a brief overview of her involvement for the community. She asked for our consideration to vote for her.

Dave Wissel spoke about how the agricultural property taxes have changed.

Dr. Frank Garry –  Gave a presentation on Johnes Disease.

The next meeting (our annual meeting) will be held on Saturday June 4, 2016 in Lake George, CO.

Deb Lester motioned to adjourn the meeting, Deborah Reuter seconded. All in favor. Motion passed.   The meeting was adjourned at 10:54AM.


Members who signed the attendance sheet:


Steve Allard

Dave Harvey

Tracy Rautenkranz

Deborah Reuter

Jill Smith

Webb Smith

Dennis Springer

Elizabeth Woodward


Guest who signed the attendance sheet:

Lynda James

Dave Wissel

Dr. Frank Garry

January 9, 2016 – CCCA Meeting MINUTES

Meeting called to order at 9:03AM by President Webb Smith. 10 members signed the attendance sheet and no guests were present.

Steve Allard motioned to approve the agenda with additions, Dennis Springer seconded, No Discussion. All in favor of approval. Motion Passed.

  • Change of location for Meetings.

Tracy Rautenkranze motioned to approve the meeting minutes from October 3, 2015 as presented, Steve Allard seconded, No Discussion. All in favor of approval. Motion passed


  • Two letters from our Catch A Calf Recipient, Ellie Woodward were passed around.

Treasurer Report

  • General Fund Checking Account                                     $   1,940.37
  • Scholarship Fund Checking Account                                     $ 18,064.23
  • Total Funds                                                 $ 20,004.60

John Woodward motioned to approve the Treasurer’s Report dated January 9, 2016 as presented, Steve Allard seconded, no discussion. All in favor of approval. Motion passed.

Committee Reports

  • Scholarship Committee –Webb Smith and Deborah Reuter will now also sit on the Committee. Can the committee please send an electronic copy of the scholarship packet to Deb to be put on the website.
  • Federal Lands –
    • Forest Service – It was discussed to have the Association write a letter to our Senators requesting that no more funding be cut from Federal Law Enforcement on USFS land and to increase funding. Steve Allard motioned to have the Association write a letter in regards to this, Theresa Springer seconded. A brief discussion took place on off road vehicles illegally driving on USFS land. All in favor of approval. Motion passed. It was asked to have law enforcement address the illegal off road use.
    • BLM – No update
  • State Lands – No Update
  • Legislative –  No Update
  • HPP –  Mark Lamb will be stepping down from the committee effective February 1, 2016. Tyler Stoltzfus is the new District Wildlife Manager for South Park and will be replacing him on the committee. They still need more projects on private land; most of the money is being spent on public lands. Please get project into them.

Old Business

CCCA Website – Deborah Reuter has been working with Jordan on editing the way the calendar is viewed. It was suggested to have a slider across the top advertising the Dance and the next meeting. Needs help with the about tab. There is a CCCA Facebook page, can we find out who started this? John Woodward will call Marcy Hodshire to see if she started it. Theresa Springer offered to keep the page updated for six months. Deb is still working with CCA to have a link to our website.

Dance and Dinner Fundraiser – Deborah Reuter made a motion to move forward and host the Fundraiser Dance, Theresa Springer seconded, no discussion. All in favor of approval. Motion passed. Deborah is asking everyone to get involved and help with the dance. We need items for a silent auction and we need sponsorships. Please check with businesses in your area. It was suggested by Theresa Springer to have a regular auction for some of the items and do a silent auction for the rest of the items. It was asked if someone would donate a ½ a beef to be auctioned off. The tickets will be $15.00 per person.

Investment Account – Catherine Rautenkranz was unable to attend the meeting, we will discuss this at a future meeting.

New Business

Idaho Rancher who was shot by Deputies – Not much information out there. Webb is going to talk with CCA about this. If anyone sees any information, please send it the Elizabeth Woodward to send out.

Mid Winter Conference – Meeting for the affiliate officers with the CCA Board at 4PM on Monday January 18, 2016 during the conference.

It was discussed to donate money to the Park County Livestock Committee.

Theresa Springer motioned to donate $750.00 to the Park County Livestock Committee to be used toward anything having to do with the beef program (Catch a Calf, Beef Judge, Beef Pens, Ect), Steve Allard seconded, no discussion. All in favor of approval. Motion passed.

Discussion Items

John Woodward had information about reintroducing the wolf sent out. Are there any questions or comments on the information?

COOL – This regulation has been repealed.

Antibiotics – Will be required to purchase through prescriptions. This includes medicated feeds.

What do people think about doing a ranch tour for our Summer Meeting? Then have a potluck for the meal. This will be discussed further at a future meeting.

The next meeting will be held on Saturday February 6, 2016 in starting at 0900 at the Rustic Station in Bailey, CO. A representative from CCA will be at the meeting. The Catch a Calf recipients will be invited to this meeting. Theresa Springer was going to check on a guest speaker for the meeting.

Steve Allard motioned to adjourn the meeting, Deborah Reuter seconded. All in favor. Motion passed.   The meeting was adjourned at 10:40AM.

Members who signed the attendance sheet:


Steve Allard

Ginger Bruvold

Tracy Rautenkranz

Deborah Reuter

Jill Smith

Webb Smith

Dennis Springer

Theresa Springer

Elizabeth Woodward

John Woodward

October 3, 2015 – CCCA Meeting MINUTES

Meeting called to order at 9:13AM by President Webb Smith. 12 members signed the attendance sheet and 3 guests were present.

Pledge and moment of silence.

Deborah Reuter motioned to approve the agenda with additions, Dave Harvey seconded, No Discussion. All in favor of approval. Motion Passed.

  • Under Old Business – add using Association funds to pay for Educational Seminar and associated food.
  • Under New Business – add Nomination of Kenny Burk for Brand Inspector of the Year.

John Woodward motioned to approve the annual meeting minutes from June 6, 2015 as presented, Deborah Reuter seconded, No Discussion. All in favor of approval. Motion passed


  • Brian Hodshire was severely injured from an incident with a horse, a card was sent around for the membership to sign.

Treasurer Report

  • General Fund Checking Account                                     $   1,892.37
  • Scholarship Fund Checking Account                                     $ 18,964.07
  • Total Funds                                                 $ 20,856.44

Dave Harvey motioned to approve the Treasurer’s Report dated October 3, 2015 as presented, John Woodward seconded, no discussion. All in favor of approval. Motion passed.

Committee Reports

  • Scholarship Committee –no updates
  • Federal Lands – Is was discussed at the CCA Committee Meeting in Pueblo  to have the Forest Service relay information to CCA when forest service permits become available.
    • Forest Service – Webb Smith reported that
    • BLM – Looking for a person from the Agricultural area to sit on a committee. Contact Heidi at CCA if you are interested.
  • State Lands – No Update
  • Legislative –  No Update
  • HPP – If you have any projects please see Webb Smith, Steve Allard or John Woodward. All projects need to be completed with all bill submitted and paid prior to June 30, 2016.

Old Business

Webb Smith brought up using the funds from the Scholarship Account to pay for the educational seminar today including the associated food; it is equal to 10.00 per person. John Woodward motioned for the Association to pay the $10.00 registration fee, Dennis Springer seconded, No Discussion. All in favor of approval. Motion passed

Booth at the Park County Fair – Elizabeth Woodward reported that Elizabeth Harrison and Cody Ebele manned the booth for portions of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They handed out information on beef, the association and sold ice cream, water and Gatorade. The booth brought in $86.00 for the Association. The food and beverages sold were donated the Association, so there was no expense.

CCCA Website – Deborah Reuter asked that members send in more photos. She also stated that they would put dates of the future meeting on the website.

CCA Annual Conference – Great information from the presenters.

CCCA Stock Brand – The Association has received the deed for the 3C   brand, the assessment fee has been paid through January 1, 2017.

Catch A Calf – The child that will have the CCCA’s calf will need to pick it up sometime between November 1st and November 21st.

New Business

Winter Dance and Dinner Fundraiser – Webb Smith stated that the Association use to host a dance and dinner as a fundraiser. Webb looked into what it would cost: The Cultural Center in Woodland Park is $54.00 per hour for the space, $22.00 per hour for the bar plus 1 hour. The DJ is $100.00 per hour up to 4 hours, then $50.00 an hour. For this to be feasible we need to find businesses to sponsor this event. With the cost we would look at doing the dance with no dinner. It would also discussed to have a silent auction during the dance. Hitchin Post will do a $250.00 sponsorship toward the event. They are looking at a date after January 1st. Dave Harvey motioned for a committee to move forward with this and that the committee has the ability to cancel the event if necessary, Tracy Rautenkranz seconded, No Discussion. All in favor of approval. Motion passed

Nomination of Brand Inspector of the year – Webb Smith would like for Kenney Burk to be nominated for Brand Inspector of the Year, he is going to ask Alanna Snare to write the nomination, she has known him since her 4H years.

Discussion Items

CCA encourages all affiliate members to join CCA.

If you are a NCBA member please make sure to send your ballots in by October 16th.

The next meeting will be our held on Saturday December 12, 2015 in Hartsel, CO at the Highline Café and Saloon starting at 0900.

The schedule for the next year was also set:

  • February 6, 2016 at the Kenosha Café in Grant
  • April 2, 2016 at Lake George Pizza in Lake George
  • May 7, 2016 at South Park Bowl in Fairplay
  • June – Annual Meeting Date and Location TBD
  • October 1, 2016 at South Park Bowl in Fairplay
  • December 10, 2016 at the Highline Café and Saloon in Hartsel

Guest Speakers

Our guest speakers were Aaron Tattersall and Denise Tortorella with the Silveus Insurance Group for Rangeland Insurance. They presented information on PRF (Pasture, Rangeland and Forge) Insurance, also known as Drought Insurance.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:50AM.

The Educational Seminar followed the meeting.

Members who signed the attendance sheet:


John Everest

Dave Harvey

Deb Lester

Danielle Pettee

Catherine Rautenkranz

Tommie Rautenkranz

Tracy Rautenkranz

Deborah Reuter

Webb Smith

Dennis Springer

Elizabeth Woodward

John Woodward


Guest in attendance:

Becky Rayburn

Aaron Tattersal, Silveus Insurance Group

Denise Tortella, Silveus Insurance Group