January 25, 2020 CCCA Meeting Agenda

Call meeting to order: 9:05

Introduction:  Guest Speakers

  • Steve Vincze Running for County Commissioner District 1. Anti-Wolf, pro 2nd Amendment and wants all road to be addressed including snow removal, to better all roads.  Please call with comments, advise etc.. (flyer and business card attached)


  • Amy Mitchell running for County Commissioner District 1. Listen to all areas and concerns throughout District 1.   Support veterans, ranchers.  On many committees to help better Park County.  Anti-Wolf, stop raising taxes use what we have. (flyer and business card attached)


Approval of the agenda:

  • Printed out wrong one added Amy Mitchell motion to approve updated agenda by Amy Mitchell seconded by Tracy Rautenkranz.



Approval of minutes:

  • Motion to approve Minutes by Tracey Rautenkranz seconded by Amy Mitchell



  • Chloe Hock sent out 2 letters with updates and a picture of her catch-a-calf (see attachments)



Approval of Treasures Report:

  • Motion to approve treasurer report by Tracy Rautenkranz seconded by Amy Mitchell
  • Check for wolf contribution goes to CCA this will help keep CCCA and our members hidden from those that are pro-wolf. R-Calf working against CCA John Woodward wants to talk about possibly not renewing membership with R-Calf. Assess benefits of R-Calf


Committee Reports

Scholarship Committee: N/A


Federal Lands

Forest Service: N/A




State Lands:



  • John suggests go to CCA website org then go to tracking list and see the bill that are trying to be passed and kills. Interesting to see what we are up against and CCA helping us out, fighting it.



  • Put plan in place of goals, numbers of Elk, Deer and Moose of certain amounts in 5 areas, HPP out of money but State is will to help. Next fiscal year starts July 1, 2020.  Next meeting March 31st at Fairplay Community Center at 10am


Old Business

  • Executive Committee updates: Theresa Springer has volunteered to be Vice President, Secretary Vacancy immediately (Tracy volunteered to take over secretary role)
  • Committee sign ups. Sub committees communications (i.e. Newsletter, events, fundraising –set up and break down), scholarship committee, “steering” committee CCA, HPP, wildlife resources etc…
  • Sign-up sheet attached. Please help!


New Business:

  • CCA Mid-Winter conference recap – Catherine went to mid winter in Denver tons of wolf discussion, legislative, participation down for CCA and many affiliates as well. Get dues paid, encourage current membership to engage and help more.  Don’t do a membership drive try to have current members help out more.   Highway safety in rural areas, trade agreements, animal welfare, Cow farts aren’t that bad!

Next CCA meeting to be held in Colorado Springs in June.  Stay tuned.

  • Newsletters we haven’t had anything started yet, want to send one out on a monthly basis. Highlight our members including when we get new members. Updates from CCA links will be in there.  Money insights, local happenings, ballots etc..   If you would like anything added to newsletter please contact Catherine.
  • Wolf ballet measure


Discussion Items:

  • Wolf Campaign contributions with CCA. Thank you for all your efforts in supporting us in the effort to help get the information out to STOP the wolf reintroduction. We tried to send $1,000 from CCCA however we did not have the funds in the general account, so CCCA sent out $500 plus member donations.  If you have any ideas on how to raise extra $500 or we can just leave it at that and have members pledge the money. Please contact Catherine for further insight, questions and ideas.
  • 2020 fundraising goals silent auction and/or any fundraising goes to general account to help get funds up.
  • 2020 Speaker topics/guests of interest


Next Meeting –

March 28th

Mid may,



Meeting adjourned 11:02am

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