January 9, 2016 – CCCA Meeting MINUTES

Meeting called to order at 9:03AM by President Webb Smith. 10 members signed the attendance sheet and no guests were present.

Steve Allard motioned to approve the agenda with additions, Dennis Springer seconded, No Discussion. All in favor of approval. Motion Passed.

  • Change of location for Meetings.

Tracy Rautenkranze motioned to approve the meeting minutes from October 3, 2015 as presented, Steve Allard seconded, No Discussion. All in favor of approval. Motion passed


  • Two letters from our Catch A Calf Recipient, Ellie Woodward were passed around.

Treasurer Report

  • General Fund Checking Account                                     $   1,940.37
  • Scholarship Fund Checking Account                                     $ 18,064.23
  • Total Funds                                                 $ 20,004.60

John Woodward motioned to approve the Treasurer’s Report dated January 9, 2016 as presented, Steve Allard seconded, no discussion. All in favor of approval. Motion passed.

Committee Reports

  • Scholarship Committee –Webb Smith and Deborah Reuter will now also sit on the Committee. Can the committee please send an electronic copy of the scholarship packet to Deb to be put on the website.
  • Federal Lands –
    • Forest Service – It was discussed to have the Association write a letter to our Senators requesting that no more funding be cut from Federal Law Enforcement on USFS land and to increase funding. Steve Allard motioned to have the Association write a letter in regards to this, Theresa Springer seconded. A brief discussion took place on off road vehicles illegally driving on USFS land. All in favor of approval. Motion passed. It was asked to have law enforcement address the illegal off road use.
    • BLM – No update
  • State Lands – No Update
  • Legislative –  No Update
  • HPP –  Mark Lamb will be stepping down from the committee effective February 1, 2016. Tyler Stoltzfus is the new District Wildlife Manager for South Park and will be replacing him on the committee. They still need more projects on private land; most of the money is being spent on public lands. Please get project into them.

Old Business

CCCA Website – Deborah Reuter has been working with Jordan on editing the way the calendar is viewed. It was suggested to have a slider across the top advertising the Dance and the next meeting. Needs help with the about tab. There is a CCCA Facebook page, can we find out who started this? John Woodward will call Marcy Hodshire to see if she started it. Theresa Springer offered to keep the page updated for six months. Deb is still working with CCA to have a link to our website.

Dance and Dinner Fundraiser – Deborah Reuter made a motion to move forward and host the Fundraiser Dance, Theresa Springer seconded, no discussion. All in favor of approval. Motion passed. Deborah is asking everyone to get involved and help with the dance. We need items for a silent auction and we need sponsorships. Please check with businesses in your area. It was suggested by Theresa Springer to have a regular auction for some of the items and do a silent auction for the rest of the items. It was asked if someone would donate a ½ a beef to be auctioned off. The tickets will be $15.00 per person.

Investment Account – Catherine Rautenkranz was unable to attend the meeting, we will discuss this at a future meeting.

New Business

Idaho Rancher who was shot by Deputies – Not much information out there. Webb is going to talk with CCA about this. If anyone sees any information, please send it the Elizabeth Woodward to send out.

Mid Winter Conference – Meeting for the affiliate officers with the CCA Board at 4PM on Monday January 18, 2016 during the conference.

It was discussed to donate money to the Park County Livestock Committee.

Theresa Springer motioned to donate $750.00 to the Park County Livestock Committee to be used toward anything having to do with the beef program (Catch a Calf, Beef Judge, Beef Pens, Ect), Steve Allard seconded, no discussion. All in favor of approval. Motion passed.

Discussion Items

John Woodward had information about reintroducing the wolf sent out. Are there any questions or comments on the information?

COOL – This regulation has been repealed.

Antibiotics – Will be required to purchase through prescriptions. This includes medicated feeds.

What do people think about doing a ranch tour for our Summer Meeting? Then have a potluck for the meal. This will be discussed further at a future meeting.

The next meeting will be held on Saturday February 6, 2016 in starting at 0900 at the Rustic Station in Bailey, CO. A representative from CCA will be at the meeting. The Catch a Calf recipients will be invited to this meeting. Theresa Springer was going to check on a guest speaker for the meeting.

Steve Allard motioned to adjourn the meeting, Deborah Reuter seconded. All in favor. Motion passed.   The meeting was adjourned at 10:40AM.

Members who signed the attendance sheet:


Steve Allard

Ginger Bruvold

Tracy Rautenkranz

Deborah Reuter

Jill Smith

Webb Smith

Dennis Springer

Theresa Springer

Elizabeth Woodward

John Woodward

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