October 5, 2019 CCCA Meeting Agenda

October 5, 2019

Hartsel, Colorado

Call meeting to order: 9:14 am

Pledge of allegiance: skipped

Approval of the agenda: Webb Smith scratched out scholarship idea from new business; Tracy Rautenkranz motions, Catherine Rautenkrqnz 2nd motion


Approval of minutes: no changes; motion Tracy Rautenkranz; 2nd Catherine Rautenkranz


Approval of Treasures Report: no discussion; motion Tracy Rautenkranz; 2nd Webb Smith


Correspondences: catch a calf letters passed around


Guest Speaker: Dr. Cadra Krueger beef nutritionist with Hubbard/Ranch-Way Feeds

Summary materials on weaning feeds, forage supplements, local distributors


Committee Reports

Scholarship Committee: no discussion – tabled until more attendance to discuss essay topics and requirements


Federal Lands

Forest Service: no news


BLM: no news


State Lands: pressure on state land board to get more money; public access to the land is a big push; need to get more people on the board;


Legislative: measure DD – casino ballet measure for allowing sports betting and taxing casino profits to support state water projects (CCA and farm bureau support); better with beef initiative for Polis and fake meet vs CCA


HPP: Rautenkranz’s will go to Grand Junct. In Dec to present their fence project; HPP is out of money- last spend on Weston fire damage- but more projects can be on a case by case basis


CLA (Colorado Livestock Association): symposium 9/28 in Kiowa, Webb Smith attended, good speakers, vet and equine health, certified angus is really just color based; another symposium in La Junta 10/17


R-Calf summer annual meeting; we should try to go to their meetings more to get more for our money and know whats coming at us; NCBA has a new CEO


Old Business

Beef Drawing: up some money- okay but losing love for doing this, vote at a later meeting to adjust or stop; too long between buying tickets and drawing and getting beef; getting difficult to get a donated steer; not enough bang for our selling efforts

Catch-A-Calf: Dave and Suzie Carpenter have said they will provide the current (2019) calf, we pay half MV, John Woodward will keep us informed; Rautenkranz may be able to cover fall 2020 calf if needed.

Dinner/Dance – Lake George was a good idea for pairing with the gymkhana; beef themed food truck next time, all day, CCCA advertising, so we don’t miss out on the people who left the event and didn’t return for the dance; still do dance and auction people like that

With a food truck we don’t have money out of our pocket or have to clean up.


New Business:

New “humanitarian” scholarship idea / CCCA ownership of cattle discussion – scratched by Webb Smith

Membership drive / letter to send out- membership and participation is down; focus on local area not just cattle people?; farm service agency may be able to provide a mailing list; draft letter by Dec to thank paid members for the contributions in 2019 and express desire for participation in 2020- maybe like CCCA Christmas card


Discussion Items: Webb Smith resigns as President effective immediately.  Catherine Rautenkranz is now our current President.


Next Meeting –

Dec 7th Fairplay- AB can pick a place and set up reservation

Feb 1st Shaggy Sheep in Shawnee – will need to motion dates for CR

April 4th TBD


Meeting Adjourned  10:35am

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