October 10, 2020 CCCA Meeting Agenda

Call meeting to order: 9:10 am.  Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of the agenda: added Special Guest: Linda Stanley candidate for District Attorney 11th Judicial District

 added Special Speaker via internet: Megan for the Livestock Forage Program. (9:30 am)

SPECIAL SPEAKER: Megan Colletti via Zoom speaking about the LFP Program for aide to ranchers for feed and support in areas of draught.

SPECIAL GUEST: Linda Stanley, spoke about what she can do for Park County as the District Attorney.

M: Tom R. S: Dennis S.


Approval of minutes: M: Amy M,  S: Theresa S

Correspondences: Read and shared the letter from Chloe Hock re: Catch Calf 2020, Thank you notes from JJ Woodward & Ellie Woodward for the Fair Breeding Heifer Belt Buckles we sponsored                                  and a Thank you note from Beth Woodward for supporting the 4-H program.


Approval of Treasures Report: M: Dennis S.   S: Theresa S.

Committee Reports

Scholarship Committee: Both (Robert Woodward & Mikala Balthazar) payments have been paid.

Discussion of Scholarship funds being used for educational classes, such as             butchering, record keeping, etc. notes made to continue discussion as opportunity comes up.

Federal Lands:

Forest Service: Webb: Campgrounds are under construction. Causing issues for grazing over by the Wilkerson Pass/Lake George/Badger Flats area.  Traffic, Disrespect for Rules, Trash, Campfires, Private properties, Wildlife and Livestock harassment.

BLM: no new news

State Lands: no new news

Legislative: There is a lot of important issues on the ballot this year and PLEASE make your choices                     with as much information as you can learn about the issue.

HPP: no new news

Old Business: The revised Constitution and Bylaws that were emailed out from the annual meeting had no comments or issues brought to our attention from the attending members.

New Business: no new business today

Discussion Items: Guest speaker, Campground Issues, if time allowed the ballot issues are up for discussion.

Next Meeting – December 12, 2020 Lake George

Meeting adjourned: 10:45 am

Attendees: Catherine Rautenkranz. Theresa Springer. Tracy Rautenkranz, Deborah Reuter, Webb Smith, Dennis Springer, Amy Mitchell, Tom Rautenkranz

Reminder:  We will need new officers for next term as well as covid safe/post-election fund raising ideas


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