June 27th, 2020 CCCA Meeting Agenda

CCCA Meeting Agenda
27 June 2020 Annual meeting
Hartsel, Colorado
Springer Ranch
278 Cherokee Trail

Call meeting to order: Called to order 11:57am


Approval of the agenda: Added Catch Calf, Added Fair Belt Buckles

                                    M: John W, S: Tracy R


Approval of minutes: M: Theresa S, S: Deborah R

Correspondences: Passed around Catch Calf letters from Chloe Hock


Approval of Treasures Report: M: Dennis S, S: Deborah R

Committee Reports:

Scholarship Committee: There are two applicants. Robert Woodward attending Colorado School of Mines to study computer sciences with development into using programs and technology to improve ranching. Awarded $750.00 with the ability to reapply annually.

            Mikala Balthazor is attending Colorado State University’s Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program. She will be contributing her education to the cattle industry. Awarded $1000.00 with the ability to reapply annually.

Theresa Springer is still looking for committee members to assist with getting scholarship information out to the students and working to give this money away.

There was also discussion on updating our scholarship availability to include college classes, trade school classes, and other industry related classes.

Federal Lands

Forest Service: Per Webb S. by phone, there is some campsite development going on that the local folks are fighting against due to concerns of vandalism, trash, trespassing, cutting of fences, opening of cattle gates, traffic from motorized vehicles, disrespect of the land itself. The Water and Land Trust Board along with Amy Mitchell and others are fighting to find a resolution between the ranchers and the recreation groups.

BLM: no news

State Lands: Grazing rates have increased as well as NEW REQUIREMENTS for accessing state wildlife areas and state trust lands. AS of July 7, 2020, a valid hunting or fishing license will be required for everyone 18 or older attempting to access any state wildlife area or state trust land leased by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. (per Flume article 5/29/2020 attached)


HPP: New fiscal year has begun JULY 1, 2020. They have been awarded an increased amount of funds to spend on projects. Next meeting is July 28, 2020.

Old Business:   N/A


New Business:             Bylaws & ConstitutionThe Bylaws were reviewed to correct a few spelling errors, but no other changes were made. NEW copy attached. The Constitution was reviewed, and the scholarship section has some updates. Section 5. Scholarship Committee is where the changes have been made. Please get familiar with the changes. NEW copy attached.

Website Continue or dissolve: After many meetings and lots of discussion the current website will remain until MARCH 2022. New changes to the site will included maintain the page by secretary and post minutes as pdf files, as well as notifications to members when something has changed. M; John W, S: Theresa S.


Discussion Items:        ScholarshipReview and Award: See Scholarship Committee above

DuesDues are due at the first meeting in the new calendar year.

FundraisersCovid friendly/internal order of shirts, hats, vest with CCCA logo: discussed but not really supported. Joining a local event that has not yet been cancelled: discussed but not many events we can get involved with due to most everything has been cancelled.

The BEEF RAFFLE: discussion was had to continue or discontinue, length of time for ticket sales, ½ vs ¼ vs private cut order vs package box. Decided to postpone raffle this year until we get more people to attend a meeting and discuss further.

FairCCCA was asked by Ellie Woodward to sponsor two belt buckles for the Breeding Heifers at this years county fair. They are $90.00 each. M; Theresa S., S; Tracy R. A check was written and given to John Woodward from the scholarship account for $180.00 on 6/27/2020 for these buckles.

Membership – Discussion was to invite the county commissioners, state representatives, business owners, and anyone else who would like to participate in or support CCCA to join with variable membership dues.

Officers Catherine Rautenkranz reelected as President, Theresa Springer reelected as Vice-President (NOT Ascending to President), Tracy Rautenkranz will remain Secretary and Deborah Reuter will remain Treasurer.



Next Meeting – OCTOBER 3, 2020 place is still TBD

Meeting adjourned: 3:00 pm

This meeting was attended by Catherine Rautenkranz, Theresa Springer, Tracy Rautenkranz, Deborah Reuter, Dennis Springer, John and Beth Woodward, Amy Mitchell.

Thank you to the Springers for hosting this meeting at their ranch.



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