December 1, 2018 CCCA Meeting Agenda

Call meeting to order:


Approval of the agenda: approved by Dennis seconded by Tracy



Approval of minutes: Approved by Dennis seconded by Tracy


Correspondences: Membership for RCALF, approve membership to renew RCALF approve by Webb seconded by Deb amount of $200.



Approval of Treasures Report: membership dues are coming up beginning January.   All beef tickets sold, YAY! Great fundraiser we want to keep doing it year after year.  Approved by Dennis Springer seconded by Brian Crawford


Committee Reports

Scholarship Committee: Challenge to get kids to apply for scholarship.


Federal Lands: Webb nothing to report

Forest Service:


BLM: Nothing to report will get more with upcoming conference call.  Brand inspector of the year will be presented at mid winter conference


State Lands: Nothing to report


Legislative: Colorado Cattlemen’s concerned about Pollis getting in.  RCalf still pushing for COOL


HPP : nothing to report


CLA (Colorado Livestock Association) Webb could not attend any meetings, Ranch tour Alanna and Brian attended spoke about water and recreation (lands being overrun)


Old Business


Beef Drawing: Beef will not be ready till Feb time frame.  Trying to fatten them up.  Beef drawing next year YES!!! Get more people to sell tickets next year.  Approval to continue beef drawing approved by Dennis seconded by the Rautenkrantz girls

Winners of the beef

1st winner Grace and Al Reuter

2nd winner Linda Schaffer



New Business:

Annual Meeting approved by Dennis seconded by Deb Lake George community park 5pm then dinner and out by 10pm

June 1st

Discussion Items:


Next Meeting –

March 2nd in Hartsel place TBD highline café?

June for our annual at the Lake George Community Park



Meeting adjourned approved by Tracy seconded by Dennis

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