June 9, 2018 CCCA Meeting Agenda

Call meeting to order: 5:54


Approval of the agenda: Motion to approve by Tracy Rautenkranz. Seconded by Ashley Boyington.



Approval of minutes: Motion to approve by Cathrine Rautenkranz. Seconded by Webb Smith.





Approval of Treasures Report:


Committee Reports

Scholarship Committee:


Federal Lands

Forest Service: Webb not sure how long we will be able to be out on pasture due to drought.




State Lands: GPC water gates not too concerned on the pasture.


Legislative: Gov has not signed the CPW legislative act




CLA (Colorado Livestock Association)


R-Calf: Wants COOL to be re-instated can we agree? No they want the meat in the store to be labeled USA Beef.  May be too costly.


Old Business

Dinner & Dance:  Alanna wants the dinner and dance again.


Scholarships: no scholarships no one applied. Alanna thinks maybe a breeding scholarship instead of a school scholarship.  Will have more info at next meeting


Beef Quality Assurance: Oct will be BQA training

New Business:

Park County Fair: Beef show only table and booth in barn. Woodward kids showing


Officer Nominations: No new nominees keep everyone as they are Motion to approve by John Woodward Seconded by Shane  Boyington.


Officer Elections Alanna Crawford – President, Webb Smith – Vic President, Deb Reuter – Treasurer, Ashley Boyington – Secretary



Discussion Items:


Next Meeting –

Oct. 6th

Dec. 1st


Upcoming Events:

Park County Fair July 20th 8AM

State Fair Committee Meetings August


Meeting adjourned: 6:17

Beef tickets again Webb wants to do the beef raffle again.  Dec 1st raffle Justin Snare ¼ Webb ¼

1k tickets ¼

2k tickets ½

Colby Stone is our new brand inspector.

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